Out on a Whim

It's not just improv, it's theatre on hard mode. Out On A Whim is committed to producing new complex forms, adapting genres, and utilizing traditional theatrical techniques to produce improv that is more than just a game. 

Out On A Whim Comedy is an improv collective that originated as a Second City Coached Ensemble under the direction of Bryce Read. From there Out On A Whim expanded to an ensemble of 16 talented individuals. Out On A Whim has performed "Improvised Dungeons and Dragons," "Improvised Fairytales," and "Black Tie Improv" all over the City of Chicago and has helped raise money for Otherworld Theatre, PAWS Chicago, and The Children's Miracle Network. 

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Mike is the first born son of Mark and Kathy and hails from the suburbs of Chicago. You can catch Mike performing in his improv group (Chunky Puppies), Musical improv group (Up Next) and his parodies and original songs from his one man show (Joke Concert) all over the city of Chicago. He is happy to announce he has been happily married to the game of life since 2017 and can follow his love story on instagram @marriedtothegame.oflife www.jokeconcert.com



Michael Coyne is an actor/improviser/writer/director/space-cowboy from the borough of Queens in New York City. He studied Theatre in college at LIU Post with a focus in acting. After college he got into improvisation due to it being the rawest form of theatre and had several outlets to support his pursuit. These included ‘The IN Team’, ‘Gotham City Improv’, and ‘Aristic New Directions’; all of which gave him insight to the world of improv and sketch. Nowadays he lives and performs in Chicago to learn excellence in improv and sketch and how to touch the heart of America.



John Doychich started improvising at 36 years old. Before that, he was just a husband, father, Chihuahua owner, and Vespa rider. His life is a true piece of Americana. John received his MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Illinois, and is somehow still a disappointment to most of his family.



Originally from a strawberry farm in a forest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Anna Elizabeth's stories don't usually make sense. She's a graduate of Second City's Conservatory Program, iO, the Annoyance, and GoComedy in Detroit and plays with Improvised Dungeons and Dragons and the Murder Mystery Company. She has completed every single Zelda game, and makes show posters. www.helloannaelizabeth.com



"You should marry a pizza. Look, you probably already spend a fair amount of time with pizza anyway. Let’s cut some corners. Make it official. Your perfect match is a pizza, like the old friend you never really saw in a romantic way before. Pizza can love you in a way you’ve never been loved before. Find your pizza and love it."



William Ferguson (28 May 1938 – 31 October 1998) was a Northern Irish footballer who played as a winger.

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Quintin T. Hess has always had a penchant for the theatrical and crippling self-doubt so it was only fitting that he fashioned himself a comedian. He has received his BA in Theatre Performance and Creation from Juniata College, and has studied improv at iO and the Annoyance. A recent graduate from The Second City Conservatory, you might have seen him performing throughout Chicago in "Improvised Fairytales" at Second City, or at the "Poetic Armando", which he also executive produces. He's incredibly happy to continue to have the opportunity to play make believe with his friends in Out on a Whim!

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Joseph Heyman is a Chicago based Theatrical Technician, with a variety of productions and skills in his repertoire. He has worked with Stage 773, The Public House Theatre, Under the Gun Theater, Robert Frosty Theatre Company, Playhouse 38, The Theater Lab, and countless more sketch and improv groups, designing tech and stage managing for over a dozen shows. Once in a blue moon, you might even catch him performing on the stage instead of behind the scenes. The Lord of Lightning is now making a flash with Improvised Dungeons and Dragons!



Originally from the suburbs outside of Atlanta, GA, Joe Johnson came to Chicago with one goal: To perform improv. Now, thanks to the amazing cast of Out On A Whim, he gets to perform... a lot. Much like his hairline, his Improv Training is incomplete; but he has taken the improv courses at Second City in Chicago and the Basement Theatre in Atlanta and continues to take classes. "Perfection is impossible, but practice makes you better" - Paul Nueman, a Norwegian Cruise Line Dance Instructor.



Lauren Kincaid is so grateful to be a part of Out On a Whim Presents Improvised Dungeons and Dragons. Since moving to Chicago in 2016, Lauren has trained with Rough House Theater, The Neo-Futurists, Vanessa Valliere, Jimmy Carrane, Acting Studio Chicago, iO, and has graduated from the Second City Conservatory Program. Her next big projects are playing The Archivist in Rough House Theater’s The Walls of Harrow House and a swing role in Yippee Ki-Yay Merry Christmas: A Die Hard Musical Parody at The Den Theatre. By day, she works as the executive assistant at Court Theatre, where she often serenades the copy machine.



Natalie is an actor, improvisor, writer, and cat lover from Lexington, Kentucky. With her undergrad in Theatre she has pursued acting and comedy throughout Chicago since 2016. Since graduating from Second City’s conservatory program in March, 2018 debuting in A Good Chunk of Women, she has performed in varying sketch shows and ensembles including: Wicked Frozen (Snowman/Wizard) and Out on A Whim. She is also half of the sketch duo Charade Sloop, filming goofy sketches for YouTube and performing live musical improv. She is currently attending graduate school at DePaul University in conjunction with The Second City, studying Comedic Screenwriting in the brand new MFA program. She has thoroughly enjoyed performing in Improvised D&D as Fenxie and other crazy characters! Send her pics of your cats, please.


Tony Masse once misquoted Steve Jobs by saying, "Steve Jobs once said that things aren't random." Apparently Steve Jobs had never ventured into Tony's mind, because Tony's thoughts follow no sort of pattern whatsoever. Tony is originally from Kentucky, Tennessee, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, but lives in Chicago now. How fun is that? In addition to performing with Out on a Whim, Tony does 2-prov with Kelsey "Pizza-Lady" Fehlberg in their group, Oh Look, The Fire Department! and 8-prov with the group Short Notice. Tony has also written, directed, produced and performed in three of his own sketch shows and is almost done writing his fourth right now, so keep an eye out and bring your grandma.



Joshua Messick is thrilled to be a part of this ambitious attempt at bringing Dungeons and Dragons to the stage. He is a Chicago-based director and performer. Joshua has Directed and Assistant Directed at a number of various local theatre companies including Citadel Theatre, Saint Sebastian Players, and Fury Theatre. When onstage he is often seen reciting some very serious classical theater or touring schools pretending to be a knight with Caton Enterprises. Joshua would like to extend his most sincere gratitude to Otherworld Theatre Company, his producers Katie and John, and the entire ensemble at Out On A Whim for welcoming him and supporting all his mad ideas.

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Human. Probably...
Likes cats.



Bayley Pokorny is a Chicago actor and film maker. He graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Cinematography, and couldn’t seem to stay on his own damn side of the camera. He then graduated from Second City’s Improv program and is currently enrolled at the iO Theater. He is living that sweet sweet freelance life working as a director, director of photography, steadicam operator, and as an actor/improviser. While not out foraging for rent money he trains diligently in becoming a more well rounded and complete nerd, which made Improvised Dungeons and Dragons a no brainer.

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Katie Ruppert is a Chicago-based performer, writer, and producer hailing from San Francisco. She currently serves as the artistic director for Out On A Whim, as well as the head writer and junior producer for Mass St. Productions, as well as an Ensemble Member at Tinderella Comedy. She is a proud graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Columbia College (B.A. in Comedy Writing and Performance) and The Foothill Theatre Conservatory. Katie's deep love of mythology and comedy have lead her to produce fanciful comedy for the last six years. For more please visit www.weebly.katieruppert.com



Rebecca Shrom is excited to be a part of Improvised D&D! She has performed around the city performing sketch and improv comedy! Her past regional acting credits include History of the Internet, Talk Radio (Linda/Cathleen/Denise/Rose/Agnes), and Appropriate (Cassidy) at Trustus Theater. Other credits include The Trojan Women (Cassandra), Player King (Weldon/Horatio), Ajax in Iraq (Soldier F, Abrams, Chorus), Richard III (Clarence/Tyrell), 12 Angry Jurors (Juror #1), and Hamlet (Inmate/Ensemble) at the University of South Carolina, and Glengarry Glen Ross (James Lingk) produced by Green Room Productions. She has just graduated from USC with BA’s in Theatre and Media Arts, and also had the opportunity to study classical theatre with the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, UK. She has graduated from the Second City Conservatory and the iO Training Program, and is currently enrolled in CIC Theater's Longform Improv training program. She can be seen with her iO Comedy Network Team: Proper Clown, and with performing with Out on a Whim! www.rebeccashrom.com



Tommy Spears is a Chicago based performer, writer and director who does not believe in Oxford commas. He is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, but began improvising in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Second City's Conservatory Program iO, and The Village Theatre in Atlanta. He is thrilled to play with Improvised Dungeons and Dragons, and will make his sketch directing debut with Disgust Amongst Yourselves, Thursdays in October at the Second City Blackout Cabaret.



Adam Tatum is extremely excited to have the opportunity to perform with Improvised Dungeons and Dragons. Born and partly raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin the lovable, innocent, chubby cheeked boy known as Adam moved to the bustling city of Chicago at the ripe tender age of 13 due to family conflicts and issues which he will be perfectly comfortable with disclosing to anyone who wishes to know and even to those who dont wish to know with the intent of possibly making them feel uncomfortable. Originally desiring to pursue a career and life in psychology Adam has, due to a random twist of fate not unlike what one might find in a Stan Lee comic, since the age of 17 been training and taking classes from several different wonderful acting training centers and programs such as; The Second City, The Greenroom Acting Studio, One Group Mind, and more! As a boy Adam has always loved and adored stories of all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and preferences for soup or salad. Now that love has only grown stronger and more intense as he has matured and aged, and now that he's been accepted into Improvised D&D he Hopes to finally achieve his dream of being recognized as the supreme OverNerd of the Cosmos Muahahaha!.......please? You can also catch Adam performing Friday Nights with his other Ensemble Obtuse Zeus at the Comedy Clubhouse on Ashland at 10pm.



Janelle's career began at the early age of 5 when she got up on top of her grandmother's coffee table, and started belting Britney Spears to her family. Since then, she has wanted nothing more than to be on stage for the rest of her life. A few years later, Janelle stumbled upon her local dance studio where she learned ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. For 10 years she danced with them, performing, competing, and taking classes nationwide. When she got to high school, the stage was already a familiar place but she discovered a new passion for theatre. Her high school career was nothing but juggling plays, musicals, dance concerts, dance classes, teaching dance, acting classes, voice lessons, and singing for her church. All that hard work and passion lead to where she is now. Shortly after graduating, Janelle booked with Gray Talent and her first professional show, Miss Saigon at The Paramount Theatre. She got her first experience on set for the feature film Double Yellow Lines and her first voice-over. She was most recently seen in The King And I at The Marriott Theatre. Check her out this summer in Light Opera Works' South Pacific.

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McKenzie Wilkes is an ensemble member and portrays Chathy Lu in Improvised Dungeons and Dragons. A recent Chicago transplant from Nashville, Tennessee - McKenzie graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Belmont University. While in Nashville she was a member of Nashville's Comedy Sports team Infinity Etc. at Third Coast Comedy Club. When she's not playing Dungeons and Dragons she can usually be found listening to Cher, drinking copious amounts of Dr. Pepper, and playing her bass guitar in an attempt to be as cool as Kim Deal. www.mckenziewilkes.com.